Trelis Docs


Know Your Customer and Anti-money Laundering

Trelis monitors KYC and AML regulations for businesses in the regions where Trelis operates to ensure compliance.
As a baseline, Trelis implements the Merchant Verification approach described here.

Money Transmitter and Virtual Asset Service Provider Laws

Trelis provides software tools to merchants receiving assets over crypto asset networks.
Trelis continuously monitors regulations governing money transmitters and virtual asset service providers to determine whether Trelis falls under their remit.
  • Trelis does not custody any third party assets
  • Trelis does custody or have access to third-party passwords or private keys allowing access to funds or allowing the authorisation of asset transfer operation.
  • Trelis does not provide virtual asset or financial asset exchange services, either of fiat to crypto or of crypto to crypto. Trelis does embed third party services such as Stripe and Mont Pelerin for payments and exchanges.