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Merchant Verification

Our policies
Merchants using Trelis services are required to provide business documentation upon sign-up.
Merchants creating payment links for between US$100 and US$1,000 are required to:
  • Digitally verify their website, ENS domain or Urbit ID. This is to ensure their customers can verify who they are paying, and minimise the risk of fraudulent/spoofed merchant payment links.
  • Submit their registered business name, address and number for review by Trelis. It is further recommended (and required in certain jurisdictions) that this information be visible on the merchant's website.
The above data is stored by Trelis. Merchants may reach out to support to have their account and associated data deleted if they no longer wish to use Trelis' software tools.
Enterprise merchants creating payment links for above US$1,000 are required to further:
  • Submit a list of all 25%+ ultimate beneficial owners for review by Trelis (or managing director if there are no owners above 25% directly plus indirectly). This provides a further check on the authenticity of the business.
  • Submit identity verification (e.g. government document) for each 25%+ ultimate beneficial owner.
This data may is used to cross-check public business records and/or anti-money laundering or sanctions lists. The data is deleted within 72 hours of receipt.
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