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Gasless Payments

Offering your customers a frictionless payment experience
Gasless payments are free!
Trelis covers the costs up to a fair usage limit.

Why Gasless? - Reducing Friction for Customers

When a customer makes a USDC payment, they need to have gas tokens in their wallet to pay for transaction fees.
This is:
  1. 1.
    An added cost to the customer (that they would not pay if using a credit card).
  2. 2.
    Friction in the buying process as the customer may not have any Ether in their wallet.
Gasless payments solve these problems. By offering gasless payments, you allow Trelis to pay for your customer's gas when they make purchases with USDC.

How do Gasless Payments Work?

  • Rather than making a call to the blockchain, your customers will provide a gasless signature to approve their payment. The signature is limited to the price you charge for your product.
  • Trelis takes this signature (which approves a payment for the specified amount from the customer's wallet to your wallet) and pays the gas required to submit the transaction to the blockchain.


Does Trelis have access to funds if I turn on gasless payments?
No. The signature provided by the customer specifically approves a payment of USDC from the customer's wallet to your wallet (the merchant).
As a merchant, why would I want to offer gasless payments?
  • Customers don't pay transaction fees for credit cards, why should they pay them for crypto?
  • Customers may not have Ether in their wallet. Paying for gas removes this friction.