Trelis Docs

Pricing and Fees

Pricing is subject to change as we develop our products.

Trelis Pricing Plans

Enterprise ($10/mnth)
Standard Payments
Gasless Payments
Max. Payment
  • 0% fees charged by Trelis.
  • Gasless Payments. Customers no longer need to pay blockchain fees.
  • Recurring Subscriptions. Automatically charge customers on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • For gasless payments or subscriptions on Ethereum, merchants must purchase gas credits from their dashboard.
  • For higher limit plans, contact Support.

Blockchain Fees

Standard Payments
  • Gas costs are paid for by the customer/sender.
Gasless and Subscription Payments
  • The customer (sender) does not pay gas.
  • Gas costs are paid for by Trelis for all chains other than Ethereum.
  • To enable gasless payments and/or subscriptions on Ethereum, merchants must purchase gas credits.
    • Gasless and subscription payments cost about 2X that of a standard transaction, owing to increased transaction complexity. These fees are paid by Trelis on non-Ethereum chains.
  • Read more about: Gasless Payments.

Dispute Resolution:

  • Purchase Dispute Deposit - payable by buyer/plaintiff, but refunded if the plaintiff's case is upheld: 20 USDC.
  • Purchase Dispute Arbitration fee - payable by seller/defendant and non-refundable: 150 USDC.
For full information, including on refund conditions, see Dispute Resolution.