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Privacy Policy

A full copy of our Privacy Policy is provided here, which you are required to accept as a condition of using Trelis services.
Some high level points to note:
  • What data we store on creators of payment links (merchants)? We store public wallet addresses and a history of all payments received using Trelis payment links as well as a history of your disputes (if any). For merchants who register for the Trelis Enterprise plan, we additionally store their registered business number, registered business name, dba (optional), registered address, website/ENS/Urbit ID and the name of 25%+ ultimate beneficial owners. For merchants creating links for amounts over US$1,000, we additionally store the name, DOB, Nationality, Residence and Document ID for each 25%+ ultimate beneficial owner.
  • What data we store on payers of payment links: We store public wallet addresses and a history of disputes (if any).
  • How we use information submitted : We may display a merchant's ENS/Urbit ID/website on each payment link created - so it is visible to those using Trelis payment links to pay you, such that they know who they are paying.
  • What we store for arbitrating of disputes: If you choose to be involved in arbitration proceedings, which are public (just as are many court systems), the information you submit will be available to the jury and the case will be publicly available online.
  • What other data do we gather? We track errors on our website using Sentry. We do not currently use Google Analytics. We do not have plans to use advertising trackers or services.
  • Where do we store data? We use Amazon Web Services (for our web app) and Siteground (for our Wordpress store) to store our data. We use Google Forms to gather data for arbitration - although this will move to also being on Amazon web services once we further automate the arbitration process.
You may email Privacy @ Trelis [dot] com with any queries or request around data privacy.