Trelis Docs

Terms of Service

A full copy of our Terms of Service is provided here, which you are required to accept as a condition of using Trelis services.
Some high level points to note:
  • Nature of services. Trelis provides software to merchants allowing them to receive payments directly from their customers, with no intermediary.
  • No Trelis access to funds. Trelis profile owners acknowledge that Trelis does not have access merchant funds or to the funds of a merchant's customer. Trelis cannot reverse any transactions. Trelis cannot be held responsible for funds lost by the merchant or by a merchant's customers.
  • Gas Credits. Gas credits may be used as payment for Trelis' gasless payment service, whereby Trelis pays for the gas required by blockchain transactions. Gas credits are not trade-able, refundable or redeemable. Gas credits expire after twelve months of inactivity - defined as a period in which no gas credits are spent.
  • Limitation of Liability: Claims against Trelis shall be limited to a maximum of the amount paid to Trelis over the prior twelve (12) months less any costs incurred by Trelis in paying for gas or Kleros fees.
  • Law and Arbitration: Any between Trelis and users of Trelis' services shall be resolved through arbitration.
  • Visibility of Trelis profile information on payment links. Trelis profile owners acknowledge and agree that - if submitted - their public wallet address, ENS/website/Urbit ID may be visible on payment links generated by the profile owner through Trelis. This allows the customer/payer to verify who they are paying.
  • Public nature of the Trelis dispute resolution process. Trelis offers a dispute resolution process for payers/payees who use Trelis' services. Trelis users/profile owners who engage in dispute resolution - which involves a public arbitration process - acknowledge that all information submitted will become publicly available and archived. Trelis profile owners agree to indemnify and hold harmless Trelis for any losses incurred - directly or indirectly - by themselves or any third party as a result of the public release of any and all such information.
  • No Trelis affiliation or responsibility for payment network or currency/token risks. Trelis profile owners acknowledge that Trelis is not affiliated with nor controls the payment networks or currencies/tokens that are supported by Trelis payment links. Risks associated with the use of payment networks and tokens/currencies are entirely borne by users of Trelis payment links, api and dispute resolution services.
You may email Terms @ Trelis [dot] com with any queries or request around data privacy.